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Create a better driving experience with custom fabrication and high-quality parts from WILLY'S AUTO® Custom and Fabrication in Brooksville, Florida. We manufacture replacement parts and customize cars to our customers' specifications.

High-Quality Parts

Don't settle for inferior parts in your car. We manufacture extremely durable parts from quality materials. Each part is handmade in the USA to manufacturer standards and tailored to fit your vehicles perfectly. Our parts are assembled with the greatest care and pride, so they won't break. Why waste money on OEM parts made from cheap plastic, when you could have beautiful aluminum parts at a very affordable price?

Each part we manufacture is unique and available in a range of colors to suit your tastes. If you have special color requests, just contact us and we'll make it happen.

Motor Parts

Console Lid

Our Patent-Pending Console Lid

The center console lid in most cars is made from flimsy plastic and breaks easily. Some vehicle owners have to replace this lid multiple times. Our lids are different. We make them with an aircraft aluminum frame for incredible strength. The top is molded with high-quality, super-long-life foam to provide comfort for your arm and elbow, and we carefully match original fabric, so that your new lid looks great in your vehicle. Every lid is professionally stitched to ensure a perfect finish and built to outlast the life of your car.


We stand behind every part we sell. All our parts are covered by a 60-day standard return policy.

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